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Reviewing the Laws



Establish and maintain legal structures

Think back a few decades and a law practice was the only place a consumer could purchase a 'business structure' or deed. Industry changes took much of that work to 'shelf company suppliers'. Docscentre allows Law Practices to take it back.

Law Practices have the know-how and the care to maintain deeds and documents and ensure that the structures clients establish can take full advantage of the current laws.


The barrier to entry has been removed. With almost no capex requirement, law practices can create their own online strategy and partner with other groups to build mutually beneficial offerings.

The platform provides a new client acquisition strategy for the practice, both for retail clients and also when partnering with large distribution groups such as accounting practices, dealer groups, SMSF administrators or associations.

Legal work should be completed by lawyers

Work with your partner distribution groups to deliver quality legal documents

Streamline operations and maximise returns

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