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ASAPI is Docscentre's answer to accessing ASIC EDGE and ECR servers. As an API it can enable your company establishment and management business.


ASAPI has been built with 20 years of experience, automating the complex and the repetitive.

The Problem

Not having ASAPI means…

  • Double entry data and processing delays with a high potential for errors

  • Delayed client registrations

  • Wasted time resolving issues with ASIC

  • Manual handling of ASIC mailboxes and servers

The Solution


  • Easily connects data capture to the ASIC API service

  • Maintains connections and manages passwords securely using encryption and hashing, meaning no lost productivity

  • Handles lodgements, receipts, errors, correspondence, certificates, rejections and validation reports

  • Consistent registration performance and handling of high capacity lodgements

  • No need for direct communication with ASIC to resend communication or resolve issues

  • No manual change to the ASIC mailboxes/servers required, automatic switching provides redundancy and load balancing

  • Management tools including uptime performance monitoring means reduced time diagnosing problems

  • Reduced maintenance for ASIC driven system changes

The Benefits

  • System generated daily reports providing usage, performance and billing details

  • Up to the minute notifications and log files

  • Advanced polling and queuing to ensure if ASIC can receive a lodgement, you can process it

  • Reduced time to integrate interface with ASIC, hours not months!


How do we do it?

The nature of ASIC Edge system requires strict communication protocols and requires multiple steps with each specific protocol

We’ve built ASAPI into three internally separate components:

  • Edge Client - handles the connection, protocol, and transmission of messages in Edge Format

  • Edge Events - manages messages from ASIC, including documents to the vendor

  • Edge Forms – communicates and translates data from ASIC format to arrays using definition files for each form different types (201,RA72 etc).

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